The Paths Between Worlds is now available


I am very proud (and slightly terrified) to announce that The Paths Between Worlds, the first book in my brand-new This Alien Earth series has officially released.

You can pick up the eBook at the special price of $2.99 until March 26th, 2019, after which it will change back to its regular price of $4.99.

And don’t forget, if you buy the eBook, you can get the audio book for just $1.99. The narrator, Kate Reading, does an astonishing job of bringing all the characters to life — I’d really recommend you head over and listen to the audio sample on the Audible page below.

You can pick up the eBook/paperback here:



And the Audible book here:…/The-Paths-Between-Wor…/B07MXN84QC…&

I hope you all enjoy meeting Meredith Gale.

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      Hi Pam,

      I’m just putting the finishing touches to the second book; expect publication in about 3 months or so. I’ll be completing the third book during that time, which should then be published 3 months after the second.

      If you have a minute and can leave a review on your local Amazon site, it would be greatly appreciated.

      1. I just finished the first book and am already dying to read the next one. It is great to hear that you expect to publish the next one so soon! There are several other series that I’ve read and have been waiting for literally years for the next books! I love a quick writer! Thank you!

    2. Just finished reading it. Really enjoyed it, interesting characters, I already care about what happens to them. Quirky storyline too; only one problem, I have to wait for the rest of the trilogy…..

  1. The Path Between Worlds was my first Audible book. You did a wonderful job with the world building, characterization and making sure I get the next one when it comes out!

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      That’s awesome, William. Thank you. And you picked the right narrator to start your listening with — Kate Reading is simply amazing.

      Here’s the obligatory ‘If you have a minute to spare and can leave a review on Amazon for me, it will be very much appreciated‘ message.

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      Thank YOU, Jim. That means a lot too me. Welcome aboard 🙂

      Just finishing up the second book then it’s straight on to the third. Both should be published this year.

      If you find yourself with a couple of spare minutes, and you would like to leave a review on Amazon, it would be greatly appreciated. Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. Just finished your book “The Path Between Worlds” and cannot wait until the second book in the series comes out! Your writing does not disappoint. As your “Extinction “ series it was very hard to put down. I usually don’t write a review but felt I needed to. It astounds me that someone has such a wonderful imagination. Your one of my favorite writers along with James Rollins, J.A.Jance and Clive Cussler among others. Thank you for the adventurous read.

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  3. I imagine this has already been noted, but on page 133, you indicate that the character, Tabitha, is from 1977, and on page 157, she dies in the Amazon in 1958. I’m enjoying the book so far!

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      Wow! Thank you for pointing that out, Judy. Not one of us caught it (and there were at least 9 pairs of eyes on this book).

      I’ll contact the publisher.

  4. I am currently enjoying the version on Audible. Kate Reading’s vocalisation is superb and the story moves with pace!

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  5. Absolutely loved this book! You have a potential bestseller here. Thank you so much for this unique experience.
    Here is the review I left on Audible:

    “ Getting the Second Book NOW

    What a pleasant surprise to have found such an engrossing story. The abundance of imagination, moral and ethical discussions, based on present and future science add to the great basis of this story line. I found myself as an observer on this island, being able to visualize and explore right along with the main character. The outstanding performance of this highly experienced narrator is a greatly appreciated bonus. Thanks for this great adventure, written with intense immediacy, allowing the reader to escape into this book. I think the author kidnapped me for the duration of the book. I am delighted and must get the next book in the series.”

    Wishing you much success,

    Claudia Stephan (age 63)

  6. Paul,

    Just read the first (4) books in the Extinction Point series while of vacation. Wow very nice reads. Waiting on the Kings finale and have ordered the new “The paths between Worlds”. Love your stories (so detailed) cant wait to finish extinction point and move on to the new series. Thanks…..jk

  7. Just loved this book on Audible, and am so disappointed that it just came out, because I really can’t wait for the second book. But, gee, it will take you some time to write it! Love the detail about the characters and that they are real people with flaws. In the meantime, I will check out your Extinction series.

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      Hey Janis,

      Book 2 should be out in October (or there about). Keep checking back here and my Facebook page for updates. Thank you.

  8. Okay, when’s the next one coming?! I just finished the audiobook, well done! This is the most interesting, unique book I’ve read in a long, long time. Really, can’t wait! I love this narrator too. She did another one of my science fiction favorites. I hope she does the next one as well!

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  9. I just got done reading Book 1 of the series Paths Between Worlds and I LOVED IT!!! I rarely write reviews of books but I have to say to anyone who has not read the book, do yourself a favor—- read it…WOW I had a vacation get away each time I had an opportunity to read the book.
    I am very disappointed I am unable to find out where when book 2 will be out!!??Paul can you provide some information for us?
    Karen P.

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      Hi Karen,

      The whole three-book series was supposed to have been finished by December of last year. Unfortunately I became quite ill and that didn’t happen. 2nd book is almost done though, and we are aiming for an October release date. I hope to have the third and final book in the series done by the end of 2019. Thanks for sticking with me. 🙂

      1. Hi Paul,
        I am really sorry to hear of your past illness. I hope you have made a full recovery and are back to your pre-illness self. I broke my hip in 2 places in March of 2017- (I am young too!) so I can empathize with unexpected health issues. Take care of yourself first and the rest seems to naturally follow. Thank you very much for responding. You are such a talented writer!!! Take care, Karen.

  10. Thank god that there isn’t a massive gap between books. I hate series that leave such a long gap between each book that you struggle to remember what has happened.
    I really enjoyed book 1, it might actually be my book of the year. I definitely intend to try the extinction series as well.


  11. I am finishing the first book & have found it to be the best that I have read in quite a while. I highly recommend it.
    When I first saw this title my reaction was “This should be good. I should give it a chance”. Now I’m glad that I did.
    Sorry to read that you’ve been ill and hope that you’ve made a full recovery. Very much looking forward to the release of the rest of the series.
    All the best,
    Chuck McK.

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  12. Love the book, can’t wait to read the whole series. Were you inspired by Riverworld Saga by Philip Jose Farmer? It’s one of my favorite Sci-Fi series and your book has so many similarities, it just can’t be a coincidence, can it?

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      Hi Dimitri,

      Absolutely! Phillip J. Farmer is one of my favorite authors, and the Riverworld series is my number one favorite series. I’ve wanted to write something in the same sub-genre for years (it’s a really underutilized area and deserves much more attention and love from us authors), and This Alien Earth is my contribution. I left a little clue at the beginning of Paths Between Worlds in the character Phillip Yeoman (Yeoman is another word for farmer) but no one seems to have caught it. Ah well! Now you know at least 🙂

      Thanks for reading.

      1. Ahh, that’s way too subtle for us mortals. If you actually brought Phillip J. Farmer , the writer, as a character in your book, maybe someone would have noted a connection to Riverworld, LOL. As an atheist, this life after death sub-genre is very appealing to me. It tickles the same feeling of finality of our short lives, which probably originated most religions. I always felt that Riverworld wasn’t recognized enough because it runs so deeply against conservative religious beliefs, that people are afraid to embrace it.

  13. Hi Paul, loving this series of This Alien Earth. I just finished the second one (loved seeing Emily appear in it) and went looking for the third but it’s obviously not out yet. Hope to see it soon, could you give me an idea of when that may be?
    Cheers from Michelle in Australia.

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      Hi Michelle,
      Thank you for your email. The third and final book in the “This Alien Earth” series (entitled “Children of Earth” is set for an August publication. Cheers! Glad you are enjoying the series thus far.
      Karen (Good Dog Publishing, Inc.) responding on Paul’s behalf

      1. The first two books were no less than great and can’t wait for the third one to come out. Keep up the great writing, Paul.

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          In case you were unaware, Paul’s final book in the “This Alien Earth” series was released on 13 October 2020, ghostwritten by Robert Greenberger. I (his wife) think Robert managed to capture Paul’s voice quite well. If you read it, I sincerely hope you enjoy it.

          1. First things first- sorry to hear of your loss. From what I’ve read of book 3, it is going to be as great as the rest of his books.

  14. So when is Book 3 coming out? Can’t wait! Engaging and unique story.

    Also…a minor continuity matter that keeps sticking in my head…in Book 1 the boat they take away from Avalon is the Sea Wraith. At the start of Book 2 they refer to her as the Alexa Rae. There are a few other more minor items…this is the only one that kinda bugs me. 😁

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      Hi Kathy,
      I am new to this format, still trying to figure things out. Paul was ill when he wrote books 2 and 3, in fact, book 3 had a ghostwriter as Paul died in February of this year. This is his wife, hence my tardiness in responding to the messages here. Book 3 was released on the 13th of this month and Paul was contracted for the audio as well. If it is not yet available, I will need to look into it, as it should be. Thanks for catching the boat “error”, his editor missed it, however, all things considered, I suppose Paul was lucky there weren’t more.

      1. My sincere condolences on your loss…I had no idea when I found and read the first two books. Really looking forward to reading #3.

  15. Is there any chance books 2 and 3 will end up as audio books? Book 1 was amazing and I’d love to hear Ms. Reading bring the others to life.

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      1. Great news, thanks! I looked for Book 2 on Audible but my search-fu isn’t great. I’ll keep looking for it in a broader search.

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