The Paths Between Worlds is now available


I am very proud (and slightly terrified) to announce that The Paths Between Worlds, the first book in my brand-new This Alien Earth series has officially released.

You can pick up the eBook at the special price of $2.99 until March 26th, 2019, after which it will change back to its regular price of $4.99.

And don’t forget, if you buy the eBook, you can get the audio book for just $1.99. The narrator, Kate Reading, does an astonishing job of bringing all the characters to life — I’d really recommend you head over and listen to the audio sample on the Audible page below.

You can pick up the eBook/paperback here:



And the Audible book here:…/The-Paths-Between-Wor…/B07MXN84QC…&

I hope you all enjoy meeting Meredith Gale.

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      Hi Pam,

      I’m just putting the finishing touches to the second book; expect publication in about 3 months or so. I’ll be completing the third book during that time, which should then be published 3 months after the second.

      If you have a minute and can leave a review on your local Amazon site, it would be greatly appreciated.

      1. I just finished the first book and am already dying to read the next one. It is great to hear that you expect to publish the next one so soon! There are several other series that I’ve read and have been waiting for literally years for the next books! I love a quick writer! Thank you!

    2. Just finished reading it. Really enjoyed it, interesting characters, I already care about what happens to them. Quirky storyline too; only one problem, I have to wait for the rest of the trilogy…..

  1. The Path Between Worlds was my first Audible book. You did a wonderful job with the world building, characterization and making sure I get the next one when it comes out!

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      That’s awesome, William. Thank you. And you picked the right narrator to start your listening with — Kate Reading is simply amazing.

      Here’s the obligatory ‘If you have a minute to spare and can leave a review on Amazon for me, it will be very much appreciated‘ message.

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      Thank YOU, Jim. That means a lot too me. Welcome aboard 🙂

      Just finishing up the second book then it’s straight on to the third. Both should be published this year.

      If you find yourself with a couple of spare minutes, and you would like to leave a review on Amazon, it would be greatly appreciated. Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. Just finished your book “The Path Between Worlds” and cannot wait until the second book in the series comes out! Your writing does not disappoint. As your “Extinction “ series it was very hard to put down. I usually don’t write a review but felt I needed to. It astounds me that someone has such a wonderful imagination. Your one of my favorite writers along with James Rollins, J.A.Jance and Clive Cussler among others. Thank you for the adventurous read.

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  3. I imagine this has already been noted, but on page 133, you indicate that the character, Tabitha, is from 1977, and on page 157, she dies in the Amazon in 1958. I’m enjoying the book so far!

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      Wow! Thank you for pointing that out, Judy. Not one of us caught it (and there were at least 9 pairs of eyes on this book).

      I’ll contact the publisher.

  4. I am currently enjoying the version on Audible. Kate Reading’s vocalisation is superb and the story moves with pace!

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  5. Absolutely loved this book! You have a potential bestseller here. Thank you so much for this unique experience.
    Here is the review I left on Audible:

    “ Getting the Second Book NOW

    What a pleasant surprise to have found such an engrossing story. The abundance of imagination, moral and ethical discussions, based on present and future science add to the great basis of this story line. I found myself as an observer on this island, being able to visualize and explore right along with the main character. The outstanding performance of this highly experienced narrator is a greatly appreciated bonus. Thanks for this great adventure, written with intense immediacy, allowing the reader to escape into this book. I think the author kidnapped me for the duration of the book. I am delighted and must get the next book in the series.”

    Wishing you much success,

    Claudia Stephan (age 63)

  6. Paul,

    Just read the first (4) books in the Extinction Point series while of vacation. Wow very nice reads. Waiting on the Kings finale and have ordered the new “The paths between Worlds”. Love your stories (so detailed) cant wait to finish extinction point and move on to the new series. Thanks…..jk

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