Extinction Point paperback

31 Jan

I got a nice surprise in the mail the other day, courtesy of the wonderful publishing team over at 47North. A box of newly minted copies of Extinction Point. They really have done a bang-up job.

Extinction Point Paperback images

Happy Holidays.

20 Dec

It’s that most wonderful time of the year again (how did that happen so fast?) and, to celebrate, ALL of my books will be available for free this Friday (21st) through Sunday (23rd). If you haven’t read Extinction Point or Toward Yesterday  yet (or you know someone who might enjoy either of them) they’ll be available on Amazon (worldwide) this weekend, so spread the word, far and wide :)

However you celebrate this time of year, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support, and to wish you all a very happy and prosperous New Year.

Cheers everyone!



And so it begins … Yangtze River in China turns red

08 Sep

Better start grabbing your supplies while you can ;)


Here’s the full story.

Extinction Point book-two update. Here’s why it’s not on the e-shelves yet.

05 Sep

You may have been wondering what is happening with book-two of Extinction Point. Well, I have some good-news and, of course, I have some bad(ish) news.

A month or so ago, I was approached by an Acquisitions Editor for 47North, Amazon Publishing’s sci-fi imprint that you may have read about  (Publishers Weekly announcement ) . They were interested in purchasing the rights to the Extinction Point series, and I’ve held off on posting an update until I knew for certain exactly what was happening and the deal was signed, sealed, and delivered.

Since I was a kid, I’ve always wanted to be a writer. I had a couple of short stories published back in the eighties, I worked as a journalist here in Nevada, and I owned my own copywriting company for a couple of years. All writing related jobs, but not writing. Not storytelling. At 46 (how the hell did that happen?) the offer from 47North was just too good to turn down, it’s the realization of a lifelong dream; to be an honest-to-goodness published author!

So, first the bad news: book two will not be released until next year. There, I said it. Phew! Sorry, ladies and gents, I know that’s not what you wanted to hear. But that’s the worst of it. Thank you so much to everyone who has emailed me or posted about the next book, I hope you can be patient for a little while longer. I promise you the book will be worth the wait.

Now for the good news: now that I’m working for the man … I mean 47North… I’ll get the full power of the largest bookseller in the world behind Extinction Point. That means a full makeover for the current novel: new cover design, professional editing, expert marketing and backup. It also means the series is guaranteed to continue for its three-book run (maybe more).

The first book will be re-released at the end of February next year with book two following a couple of months later. I’ll share whatever the guys over at 47North say is okay with you during the process, and I believe they have a couple of marketing promotions planned that will allow me to share some of the new book’s details and sample chapters, when we are a little further along.

I’m also working on a new novella (a time travel story) that I will have ready for publication by the end of the year.

So, there you have it. That wasn’t quite as painful as I thought it would be.   So, let me know what you think, I’d be happy to hear your thoughts.


Extinction Point freebie weekend a fantastic success

22 Jul

What a great weekend.

Over 9,000 giveaways in the US, just over 1,000 in the UK, 21 in Germany, and –drum roll, please– 1 in Italy :) Extinction Point made it all the way to #27 in Amazon’s Top 100 freebie list in the UK (#1 in both the Sci-fi and Horror Top-100′s) and #28 in the US Top-100 (#1 in the Sci-fi and Horror genre top-100′s here, too).

So, if you’ve landed here as a result of the book giveaway, I want to say a big thank you for taking the time to read the first installment of Emily & Thor’s story. Hopefully you enjoyed it.

The next book in the series is well underway and should realistically be ready around the end of September. You can sign-up to be notified of the sequel’s release date by using the form over on the left side of this page. If you’re using a Tablet to access this blog  you might experience problems with the form, so just drop me a line using the Contact Paul page, or drop me a line directly at Paul@DisturbedUniverse.com, and I’ll add you to the notification list manually.

One last thing: if you have a second, would you please write a short review on the Amazon site for me. Reviews really help to get a book noticed and, as a relatively unknown author, I can use all the help I can get.

Thank you all again.



Extinction Point is FREE today and Saturday (last chance)

20 Jul

This is the last chance for you to grab a free copy of Extinction Point from Amazon. I’ll most likely be stepping out of the KDP Select program in the coming month to publish on a couple of other platforms (Kobo and B&N). So, if you know anyone who you think would like a free copy, send them on over to their local Amazon site this weekend.


Also, if you guys get a chance, stop by  http://www.fkbooksandtips.com/ , the site’s owner and moderator, Michael, has been incredibly helpful with helping me get word of Extinction Point out …

Have a great weekend all.

Paperback edition of Extinction Point now available!

28 Jun


It’s been a long time coming, but finally a paperback edition of Extinction Point is now available. I received the proofs of the book today and I have to say I’m really very happy with the quality.

Extinction Point Paperback


It’s currently only available through Createspace for $8.99 (It’ll be available through Amazon sometime in the next 4 to 5 days). Here’s the Createspace link   https://www.createspace.com/3820272


Competition Announcement: How would you like to join Emily and Thor on their next journey?

12 Jun


I’m running a competition with Apocalypse Whenever, Goodreads.com’s largest and most active group dedicated to the post-apocalypse genre. First Prize is a copy of the sequel to Extinction Point when I publish it later this summer… oh, yeah, and YOU could be in it.

That’s right — whoever wins this competition is going to be written into the sequel as a character and gain instant fame, fortune and immortality (okay, I may be exaggerating that last part a smidgen).

So, if you’re interested in helping Emily and Thor, head over to Apocalypse Whenever and join the fun. Here’s a direct link to the post APOCALYPSE WHENEVER

If you’re not already a member of Goodreads you will have to join; it’s totally free and well worth it.

Good luck and I look forward to you meeting Emily.


Thanks to everyone who downloaded Extinction Point during my free giveaway

11 Jun

This weekend’s free download event over at Amazon was a fantastic success and I’d like to take a minute to say thank you to the almost 13,000 people worldwide who took advantage of the giveaway and downloaded Extinction Point for free. To those who have left reviews after reading the book, I say an even bigger THANK YOU, it is very much appreciated and I love to hear your thoughts. Every review goes a long way to making my books more visible to other authors.

Book two in the series, Exodus, is well on its way and should be released around the end of July or mid-August. So, not too long to wait for the next installment. Exodus will be around the same length as book one (approximately 85,000 words) but I plan on doubling-up the length for the final book in the series, which should be released (conveniently, ahem!)  around Christmas.

Also, make sure you check back over the next couple of days for an announcement of a competition I’ll be running in conjunction with Apocalypse Whenever (Goodreads.com’s leading group for post-apocalypse books and stories) … I think you’ll find the prize a lot of fun and very original.

Thanks again.




Extinction Point is FREE Thursday June 7th through the 8th worldwide at Amazon

07 Jun

If you haven’t already picked up a copy (or you know someone who might like to read it) you’ll find Extinction Point for free at Amazon for the next two days.
It’s available for free throughout all of Amazon’s stores but feel free to use the two links below for the US and UK.


If you have a Twitter or Facebook account and can give it a quick mention, I will be eternally grateful.

Oh! And check back here over the weekend for news of a neat little competition I’ll be running with the help of Goodreads group Apocalypse Whenever. If you are a fan of Emily and the Extinction Point series, you won’t want to miss this.