Meet Wolf, the inspiration for Thor

21 May

This is Wolf (A.K.A. The Dude). He’s the inspiration for Emily’s companion Thor in Extinction Point.



This is him 15 minutes and a Ferminator later …




And that was just one side of him!

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  1. debbie says:

    lol, whats a ferminator? I hope its not the name of the cat in the first pic..

    • Paul Jones says:

      Hi Debbie.

      If you have dogs, then a Ferminator is your best friend. It’s a brush the likes of which is unequaled in the removal of fur from your mutt. I have another three dogs just as big as Wolfy, so I use it a lot. You can pick it up from Petco. (heres a link to the manufacturers site No, I don’t have shares in the company. :)

      I noticed you left a review over at Amazon, which I wanted to thank you for. I’m sorry the book seemed to end so quickly for you. I added a sample twenty chapters of Towards yesterday to the file which makes it seem like there is a lot more left to the story than there is … sorry about that :/

      Thanks again for the review and for taking a chance on an unknown author.


  2. debbie says:

    Hi Paul and thanks for the heads up on the ferminator. I have four dogs, three large short haired and one Jamaican Australian shepherd. I say Jamacian because of all his dreadlocks. So I will be heading over to petco soon. Regarding your book, it’s not so much it ending too soon but more my reading too fast. With a kindle you don’t visually see how many pages you have to go. I would of taken it slower and probably wouldn’t of stayed up all night reading, I couldn’t put it down. So glad your continuing the story. I love series books like sword of truth, twlight and hunger games.
    Wright on!


  3. debbie says:

    Thanks for the extra chapters. Normally I don’t read the teaser chapters I would rather wait for the whole book. But, I am making an exception and will take my time!

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