So I have a best seller on my hands?

24 Jan

There’s a tool over at writers can use to analyze their writing style against established, best-selling authors within their novel’s genre. It scores from 1 to 20, and the higher the number the better the chances you have of having a best seller on your hands (according to the site’s owners anyway). I ran the first 7,000 characters of my new novel Extinction Point through it and scored … drum roll, please … twenty out of twenty.

For those of you who are interested in the release date of Extinction Point; I’d hoped to have it ready and released by the end of last December, the revised date is now the end of February. I just have to run the final draft past a couple of discerning eyes (yes, Gertie and Steve K. I mean you).

Sorry I can’t stay and talk more I have to go and order my new Lamborghini before they run out of British Racing Green.


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  1. Karen Silvestri says:

    Sadly, the site appears to be down. :(

  2. Karen Silvestri says:

    Sorry, not your site! I meant the bestseller code site. :)

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