MARKETING: an update on how Towards Yesterday is doing

22 May

Earlier this month I tried a little experiment over at (you can read about it here). Briefly; I made a couple of posts about my novel Towards Yesterday in their Science Fiction and Self Publishing sub-reddits. The response was actually a lot better than I imagined it would be. In the two weeks since I posted, Ive sold 50 copies of my book (averaging about 3 a day), received 3 unsolicited positive reviews, and promises of more reviews to come.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: 50 sales is not a lot, and I agree, BUT that’s 50 people who now know who I am, 50 people who will potentially recommend my book to their friends, and 3 reviews that I did not have before. All in all, it’s a pretty good result for what amounted to 20 minutes worth of marketing. And of course, this is all of the marketing that I have been able to do to date. That was enough to push my book from an obscure Amazon ebook sales-ranking of somewhere in the 350,000 range to keeping my book in the ballpark of 20,000 for the past 10 days or so.

So, what have I learned – simply that even a minimum of effort can have a very positive effect on your marketing campaign.

Stay tuned for news of  my next big marketing push which is just getting off the ground.


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