Extinction Point: Kings (Book 5 in the Extinction Point series)

10 Jan

One of my New Year’s resolutions is try harder to keep this blog page up to date. My apologies to anyone who has come here looking for information on new releases, as I have been rather tardy (I tend to do most of my communicating through my Facebook page) in keeping you all updated.

For those of you who are wondering what’s happening with the next Extinction Point book, It’s well on its way and I’m hoping to release it around March. As soon as I’m happy that there are only minor edits left to work out I’ll post a link to a pre-order page for Extinction Point: Kings. This is probably going to be the last book in the EP series but it certainly won’t be the last you get to hear of Emily Baxter, as I have plans for her in another series I’ve been working on. More information on that series as I get closer to starting it.

Stay tuned!





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  1. Terry says:

    Cannot wait for book 5.

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