Extinction Point: Exodus

16 Jun

So, here we are, five days after the release of book-two of Extinction Point ( better late than never, right? for those of you who have been with me since I first self-published this story), and what a phenomenal five days it has been. Exodus has been in the UK Top 100 from day two, and in the top 200 here in the US almost from release. I wanted to thank you all so very much for your support. I am quite honestly speechless at the amount of emails, blog posts, and tweets I have received from you, and I’ve spent the past few days trying to answer everybody who has contacted me directly. I think I’ve caught up, but if I’ve missed you, you have my apologies.

I wanted to highlight a few of the major questions that you asked, right here, but if I miss anything, please feel free to let me know and I will address it as best I can. So, without further ado, here we go:


1) Are there going to be any more books in the Extinction Point series?

Absolutely. I am currently finishing up the third book in the EP series. I had always planned on Extinction Point being a minimum of three books, and that has panned out pretty well. This third book will answer all of the questions posed in the previous two books and will, more importantly, answer a lot, if not all of your questions. I had always planned on the series being a trilogy, but as I near the end of this third book, I find myself thinking about a potential fourth book. Book three WILL conclude Emily’s story, but this newly created, alien-possessed Earth may well open up a whole new story line. I’ll let you know.

2) So, what’s this new book called?

In keeping with the biblical references started with Exodus, book-three is tentatively titled Extinction Point: Revelations, for pretty obvious reasons (see question 1)

3) When will the third book be released?

My publisher, 47North (who incidentally publish many fine books from former self-published and conventionally published authors. Here’s a link ), have a planned release date of January 2014. That is currently up in the air as I have to finish writing the book, but as soon as I know the date-certain for release, I will post it here, on Facebook, and email all of my subscribers.

4)  What can I read by you in the meantime?

For some reason, my self-published novels  don’t seem to be showing up under the name of Paul Antony Jones on Amazon. But you can find my first book Toward Yesterday right HERE if you’re in the US, and HERE for the UK.  Dangerous Places, a collection of three short stories and extended samples of Extinction Point and Toward yesterday, can be found  HERE for the US and HERE for the UK.


Did I miss anything? Feel free to post here and I will answer any questions you have.

Once again, thank you all so much for your support.






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  1. Michael Fisher says:

    Thanks for putting me on email notification list
    Enjoyed both Extinction Point books

    1] Please don’t kill off Thor !! Some Thor offspring would be cool ~ a romance with a female Alaskan tundra wolf [Canis lupus tundrarum] might be in order…

    Some not-so-serious suggestions…

    2] Would be interesting if the aliens “assimilated” The Guiana Space Centre. This is the spaceport used by the ESA to send supplies to the ISS using the disposable Automated Transfer Vehicle. Can imagine the aliens using a bio-integrated ATV launch to get at the ISS for some nefarious alien reason :)

    3] That Space centre also happens to be close to the Atlantic Ocean ~ accessible to submariners in Alaskan waters by going over the top of the world & turn left below Greenland

    Shuffle up & deal!

  2. Michael Fisher says:

    correction “…turn RIGHT below Greenland”

  3. Karin Cecil says:

    So many unanswered questions! The suspense is killing me. Need the next installation ASAP!

  4. Terry says:

    Found book 1 randomly on Amazon, loved it and was wrapt to see book 2 available which I think luckily must have been very freshly released. Thoroughly enjoyed (albeit a part I felt was a bit rushed in the SnowCat but I’m no real critic) and looking forward to more which lead me here. Jan 14, wow that’s a lot of reading time away, can’t wait.

  5. Beth Ricci Lewis says:

    Yeah Paul! =) Looking forward to #3.

  6. John Phillips says:

    Just downloaded the second book on my Kindle.
    If its half as good as the first then l’m in for a treat

  7. Rod says:

    Great page turner. Looking forward to the third book in the series.

  8. terry says:

    Just completed reading the second book and thoroughly enjoyed both of them. Not since the day of reading Stephen Kings The Stand have I being engrossed in an apocalyptic genre book as Paul’s novels.

    I hope later novels include some sort of humanoid alien who fall victim to earths a remaining population because they suffer some sometime sort of disablement ie partial blindness or deafness due to earth gravity atmosphere Tec.

    Quite original approach Paul.

  9. Richard Corbin says:

    I hate you, I hate what you have done to me , I am now a addict. I am addicted to Extinction series. I just finished Exodus and I read it a few pages at a time per day. The urge to read it all at once was so hard to resist. Now I face the dreadfull realisation. That I must wait until next year to get my next fix. After that then what! I will need fix number 4 and five and six. Or I will have to find one hell of a good Therapist. Prison inmates have sued States for Crunchy Peanut Butter. My Laywer says I can not sue. I would not have this addiction if I had not chose to buy your book, so my addiction. Is self inflicted. Seriously, these two books are great Science Fiction. I have no critiques at all. Well done. Robert Hienlen, Arthur C. Clarck, Phillip k.Dick, those are your Peers now. You are the Dreamer of your Dreams, No One can Dream your Dream for you. I have read both of yourbooks. I know your Dream came True.

    • Paul Jones says:

      I’m not sure whether to thank you or apologize to you, Richard. So I’ll take the easy way out and say both :)
      You are far too flattering. All I want to do is entertain you guys for a few hours. If I succeed at that, then I feel like I’ve done my job and I don’t feel so bad about taking your money (okay, before anyone asks for a refund, I don’t feel THAT bad about taking your money ;) )
      But in all seriousness to you, Richard (and everyone else who has been so kind to contact me here, on Facebook, and through email): Thank YOU. I promise I will do my best to provide you with stories that are equally as exciting and as different as I can make them in the future (I have a boat load of them).

  10. Kait Doolen says:

    I concur with Richard. Seriously? 2014? How the heck am I supposed to wait that long? These books are extremely well written and I am very curious how it is all going to end, because I honestly can’t come up with a happy ending theory in my brain. Thank you for sharing your imagination, Paul.

    • Paul Jones says:

      I’m not sure a happy ending was ever going to be on the table for this particular version of the end of the world, Kait, but then happy endings aren’t always the most satisfying. And it also depends on your definition of ‘happy’, right? :) I might just surprise you, though. Stay tuned!!!!

  11. debbie steinhauer says:

    Randomly checking Amazon, a few days ago, I was extremely excited to find the second book released. I purchased and downloaded it immediately but took a few days to reread the first book. Which was just as good the second time around. Totally loved the second book. Tried to pace myself but plowed through regardless. Thanks for a great summer read.

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