Extinction Point: Exodus released tomorrow (6/11/13)

10 Jun

It has been a long time coming, but tomorrow sees the release of the second book in the Extinction Point trilogy. Extinction Point: Exodus picks up right where we left Emily and Thor in the first book. It’s available from Amazon and all good bookstores (always wanted to say that :) )

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  1. Neil Newton says:

    Just pre-ordered it so will be delivered to my Kindle tomorrow. Can’t wait!!

  2. Paul Jones says:

    Thank you, Neil. Do let me know what you think.

    Have a great week.

  3. DonaNicole says:

    already had pre-ordered it and will have to browse through Extinction Point 1 again to be fresh and ready for more! Can’t wait!

  4. John Stirman says:

    So much to look forward to… Emily and Thor as they explore and survive in their ‘new’ world… the killing off of your online contest winner… and further revelations of our alien Overlords!

  5. clara says:

    Zoology excited. I cant wait for tomorrow!!!!!

    • Paul Jones says:

      I tell you, Clara; this is the most nervous I’ve EVER been about a book release. I’ve never done a sequel before. So many people waiting… so much presssssssuuurrreee! :) Hope everyone enjoys it. Feel free to come here and complain about it if you don’t.

      Thanks all.

  6. Pam says:

    Got up this morning, turned my Kindle on, and about died of excitement, because there was Exodus right at the top of my carousel! Can’t wait to get started!

  7. Paul Jones says:

    Paul is currently: nervous as hell!

  8. CJ says:

    I’ve never feared for someone’s life as much as I do for Emily Baxter.

  9. DonaNicole says:

    I heard my Kindle Fire tingle last night and checked it to see Exodus was there. So excited to get started!

  10. Tammylin says:

    I preordered my copy of the book a few weeks ago. It came today. I simply could not put it down. I read part 1 again first then read the new one. I cannot wait until the next one.

  11. Lisa Lopez says:

    Just finished reading the new book. Loved it and could not put it down. The twist was great. I didnt see it coming at all. Cant wait to see what happens next.

  12. Loura Delaney says:

    Stayed up way too late to finish the book. Loved it. One problem – want the final book in the series now! – feel I have been left with baited breath – pls let us know when you may forecast final book so we can pre order again – no pressure heh heh heh….

  13. Steve says:

    Just finished Exodus. Awesome!!!! Just as great, if not better then book 1. Now comes the hard part. Waiting for book 3

  14. Andy says:

    I just finished reading the new book in one day. Both books were top of the line, tremendous!
    The only complaint I have is they should be much lllooonnnnggggeeeeerrrrr … I didn’t want them to end :)
    When is the next one?

  15. Dusty Gillin says:

    I read the first book when it first came out. The cover seemed to perk my interest as much as the title. I could not put it down. I awaited news of the release of the second book and was excited to hear of the release date only to be disappointed by it’s delay. I preordered it as soon as it was available. Of course I had to reread the first book while I waited. Now that I’ve read book two, its all so bitter sweet. It was so good, heart breaking at times but so worth it. Now back to waiting for the next book. I have no idea where Emily will go from here, but can’t wait to find out.

    • Paul Jones says:

      Hi Dusty.

      Emily has been on my mind for the past two years. Its weird now that the story is coming to a close in my own head. I don’t know ahead of time (well, most of the time) how the story is going to progress, so its always comes as a surprise to me. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed with book three.

  16. lisa mac says:

    Awesome book!!! Hope the third is on its way!!

    • Paul Jones says:

      Thanks Lisa. Book three is almost done, and should be released in January.

  17. Liz T says:

    Just got done reading the book. I loved it!!! I couldn’t put it down….I can’t wait to read the next book.

  18. steven west says:

    Finished it last night. Great book can’t wait for the next one. Highly recommend your books to all my friends.

  19. Kellee Gilmore says:

    I’m so excited to read the second book in this series. I’ve been waiting for it for a while. I’m sure I’ll love it!

  20. Kari Ryle Braddock says:

    Just finished Exodus. So… how long until book 3???? Have seriously determined you are my new favorite author!!! Can’t wait to read more and more!

    • Paul Jones says:

      Thank you Kari, that is very flattering. Book three is scheduled for a January 2014 release date.

  21. DNicole says:

    Is book three the conclusion or will there be more?

    • Paul Jones says:

      Extinction Point was always a three book series in my mind. So, yes, this next book is the planned conclusion of the story. BUTTTTT, having said that, I have an inkling of an idea for another book that could lead off from the conclusion. Emily has been 100% of my waking (and occasionally, sleeping) world for the past two-years, so I’m going to take a break once book-three is complete, let my brain reset, and then start work on a new project (I hope you all like a good Vampire story).

  22. Philippa Bouwens says:

    Have just finished book two. Fantastic. Hurry up with the third book. Philippa

  23. DonaNicole says:

    Yep, a GOOD vampire story is always welcome. Love the post apocalyptic genre the very most but vampires are good too. You write it and I’ll read it.

  24. Paul Jones says:

    Alright, it’s a deal. And if nobody else likes it, I’m going to point them right back here and say “Talk to Donna” :)

  25. Zetta says:

    Preordered, delivered to Kindle, read it and ready for book 3.

  26. Jan says:

    Loved the new book. Keep them coming please!!

  27. DonaNicole says:

    Loved the new book, can’t say anything because it will spoil something but seriously, 2014 for the third book? Maybe you could surprise us at Christmas with the new book?
    I especially love the additional character of the Commander in space. Ok, can’t say more, but really, this is in the prologue of the book so no surprise really.

  28. Kim says:

    Finished the second book today… January? Ugh, ergh! Seriously? Do you need a beta reader or anything? LOL I simply can’t wait. I get so caught up reading about Emily and Thor… this sequel did NOT disappoint. I may just have to read the first book again so I can read this one again. I truly enjoy your writing, you have a way of pulling your reader into the story.

  29. DonaNicole says:

    So I went to check out your other books, like Toward Yesterday and found out I already bought it Dec 21, 2012, last Xmas! So I guess I will get to reading it. I have so many books on my Kindle and keep buying more. Crazy, always trying to find a good story and I already have so many. By the way, if you need Beta readers or editors I can do both. I used to write a bit myself and can spot spelling and grammar errors that seem to be in all the indie fiction I read these days.

    • Paul Jones says:

      Hey Dona. I’d really like to hear what you think of Toward Yesterday compared to Extinction Point. I’m not sure there will be time for beta readers with EP: 3 as that is really up to my publisher over at 47North. But I have a couple of self-publishing projects that I’ll be releasing later this year and I will add you to the list of beta-readers.


  30. Lisa Ferguson says:

    I just finished book two and can’t wait for next part. Emily and Rhiannon are refreshingly strong lead characters. But if anything happens to Thor I’ll have to boycott any further books. I’m just sayin’.

    • Paul Jones says:

      I’m too much of a dog lover to have anything happen to Thor, I think :)

  31. DonaNicole says:

    So glad to hear you won’t let anything happen to Thor. I too am a dog love and it hurts me even worse than having people hurt. Dogs are so innocent and dependent on us.

  32. Roberta Morgan says:

    Read it, loved it. Will you let me know when the next one comes out?

    • Paul Jones says:

      Absolutely, Roberta. You can sign up for my email list over on the left side of this page (if you don’t see it, just drop me an email at Paul AT DisturbedUniverse dot com and I’ll add you to the list manually. Part three is due for release in January. As soon as I have a firm date, and pre-orders are available, I’ll post it here and email everyone.

      Thank you for reading :)

  33. vanessa says:

    Just finished the 2nd book.. omg.. it was wonderful.. Hurry up with the next one. the only complaint.. not long enough!!! want more !!!!

  34. Rick says:

    You now have Emily squeezed between the space station and a submarine. Nice. Any recommendations for a read between now and Jan 2014?

    • Paul Jones says:

      Hi Rick. Yup, she has some allies, now they just have to figure out where to go next :)

      Have you read my first book, Toward Yesterday? It’s a time travel/ post-apoc novel.

  35. dan pugh says:

    Love both the books and looking forward to next. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to bring myself to read a vampire book.

    • Paul Jones says:

      Thanks Dan. Glad you enjoyed the book.

      Regarding vampires: These will be MY vampires. They will not glow in any way shape or form, they will be utterly deadly, and they are coming for YOU whether you like it or not. Better start sharpening those fence posts right now! ;)

  36. DonaNicole says:

    Cool, let me know.

  37. Amber says:

    I’ve read both your Extinction point books in 3 1/2 days and I have a full time job and a 2 and 3 year old. Now that’s saying something!!!! These books were amazing can’t wait for more!!!!

    • Paul Jones says:

      I’m not sure if I should say sorry or congratulations? :) Either way, thank you!

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