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Suffrajitsu: Mrs Pankhurst’s Amazons graphic novel review

09 Dec

Suffrajitsu: Mrs Pankhurst’s Amazons


There are perks to being a writer. One of the big ones is that you get to mingle with some pretty damn awesome artists and read their work before it gets released to the rest of the world. This past weekend I sat down with an advance copy of author Tony Wolf and artist Joao Vieira’s Suffrajitsu: Mrs Pankhurst’s Amazons.

Suffrajitsu Book 1 coverThe comic book world is full of superheroes strutting their stuff, but this… this story is something else again. The early 20th century finds Mrs. Pankhurst and her Suffragettes battling the British establishment for their right to vote.  Taught the ancient martial art of Bartitsu (in our reality Mrs. Pankhurst really did have an all-woman secret society of Jujitsu trained bodyguards) these ladies know how to defend themselves, and they are not afraid to get a little blood on their petticoats to confront an establishment that treats them as second-class citizens.

By the time I was finished with the first installment of this three-part series (which includes a pretty shocking twist that got me checking my history books) I found myself absolutely beguiled by Tony Wolf’s story and the ass-kicking women inhabiting its pages. Joao Vieira’s illustrations are beautiful, the story tight and enthralling. I absolutely recommend this and I can’t wait to read the next two issues.

Suffrajitsu: Mrs Pankhurst’s Amazons  will be released on the Kindle in January, but the author assures me that a collector’s edition of the three planned stories will be released in print sometime in the future

You can find out more about the project from the Suffrajitsu website here.