The Paths Between Worlds

Greetings, Earthlings,

Back on March 1st 2012, I self-published a little book that you might be familiar with: Extinction Point was the first novel in Emily Baxter’s journey in the strange new world left behind after a destructive, alien rain swept across the Earth.

Today, I am excited to announce the upcoming publication of a brand-new series. The Paths Between Worlds is the first book in a trilogy which follows Meredith Gale’s adventures after a suicide attempt transports her to a place unlike any other in this or any other universe. It’s a rip-roaring story I think any fan of Emily will feel right at home with.

Paths Between Worlds will be available on March 19th, and it’ll be available in eBook, paperback, hardback, and as an audiobook narrated by the outstanding Kate Reading. You can expect final two books in the series later this year.

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